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December 2012
The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions throughout the world. It is not an official program of Rotary International and is not under its control. The RLI seeks to have Rotary Clubs in member districts identify those Rotarians who seem to have the POTENTIAL for future club leadership (not necessarily as club presidents) and provide those so identified with a quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills for voluntary organizations.

December, 2012

In Memoriam

RLI mourns the death of PRIVP and Past Trustee Louis Piconi of Pennsylvania, USA. Lou was one of the best known and effective leaders in Rotary and was a strong and very early supporter of RLI. His beloved wife Barbara, also known to thousands of Rotarians, survives him. Lou will be greatly missed.

Quote of the Month

"The mark of a civilized man is confidence in the strength and security derived from the inquiring mind." Felix Frankfurter, former Justice of the United States Supreme Court and Harvard Law School Professor. He graduated Harvard Law School in the Class of 1906.

Odds and Ends About Rotary

Rotary International Conventions are key venues for RLI activities. Because of the current scope of RLI with 324 member districts that cover181 countries and geographical areas (and continually growing), it is the one place that gives all Rotarians the best opportunity to meet RLI leaders and members and to share RLI experiences with Rotarians around the world. At Lisbon, RLI activities include an Exhibit Booth in the House of Friendship, the Annual Convention Breakfast and an R.I. Breakout Session. More about these activities in future eBulletins.
We know that our friend, President Sakuji Tanaka and the Convention Committee are planning a truly great Convention in Lisbon and we urge all our readers to register to attend it. It will be most worthwhile and enjoyable for Rotarians and their families.

Welcome New Districts
RLI is pleased to welcome District 1440, northern part of Jutland, as a member of the Denmark Division. The District Governor is Vibeke Gamst of Aalborg. The District also contains the Faroe Islands. The Chair of the Denmark Division is PDG Nils Ove Jensen who also serves as the Intl. RLI Regional Vice-Chair for Zones 15-16.

RLI is also pleased to welcome the following districts to the Korea Division: 3630 3680 and 3730. District Governors are Doo Hee Sin (DGN San-Hyun Moon signed in his behalf), Nak-Wan Kim, and Young-Gook Chang. 3740 through its Governor Kyung-Bin Roh, previously joined the division at the R.I. Convention in Bangkok. The Korea Division, under the leadership of PRID Kwang Tae Kim, now has six member districts.

District 9100 in West Africa will split into two districts on July 1. Prof. Ralph Mills-Tettey of Ghana, will be the Chair of the new District 9102. The Chair for 9101 will be announced shortly. The current district contains 14 countries.

Welcome to New Members of the RLI 

Sr. Leader Advisory Board

RLI welcomes three new members to the Intl. Senior Leaders Advisory Board. All are newly nominated R.I. Directors-Nominee who take office as R.I. Directors in 2014-16. They are Daumonguiller Tumangan of the Philippines, Per Hoyen of Denmark and Greg Podd of the USA. All are supporters of the RLI program. Greg Podd currently serves as the RLI Regional Vice-Chair for America West and is Chair of the Rocky Mountain Division and Acting Chair of the Lone Star (Texas) Division.

Training Team Continues Faculty Orientations Around the World

Since the last eBulletin, Intl. RLI Trainers have conducted faculty orientation sessions in Poland and the Republic of Korea. Reports will appear in the next eBulletin.

Personnel Updates

Korea Division Chair, PRID Kwang Tae Kim, has announced that DGN Jungho Cho is the new Vice-Chair of the Division.

Around the RLI World

RLI receives many messages from course attendees that makes us feel that our efforts are worthwhile. Here is an unsolicited message from an attendee of a course in Newburgh, New York, USA:

“I felt the Institute was fantastic–a lot of information, sort of the proverbial trying to take a sip of water from a fire hose. I will have to re-read the booklet that was handed out as a refresher. What was most amazing to me–and moving, really -was the passion that the discussion leaders had for Rotary, and the seeds of goodness they have been able to sow through their participation in the organization. I left there really encouraged to see so many people–from all walks of life–able to be of assistance and to ease others' burdens, both in their own backyards and across the globe through the power of cooperation channeled through the club. Thank you for sending me. Matt”

District 1470 will be holding its first Part III session in January. 21 participants completed Part II in November.

The Bolivia Division has marked its 3rd Anniversary under the leadership of PDG William Torrico. The division has made excellent progress in training a large number of discussion leaders and holding at least 13 courses throughout Bolivia. Celebrations have included spouses/families.

The Northeast America Division under the leadership of PDG Toni McAndrew will hold its winter officers meeting in Fishkill, New York on January 11 and 12. The Division held courses in 18 locations during the Fall months and will begin its Spring courses in early March at an additional 10 locations.


“Having leadership skills does not alone assure good Rotary leadership. An effective Rotary leader must ALSO have Rotary knowledge, perspective about where Rotary has been, where it is now and a vision of what Rotary can be.”