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Summer 2013
The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions throughout the world. It is not an official program of Rotary International and is not under its control. The RLI seeks to have Rotary Clubs in member districts identify those Rotarians who seem to have the POTENTIAL for future club leadership (not necessarily as club presidents) and provide those so identified with a quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills for voluntary organizations.

Summer (Northern Hemisphere)/Winter (Southern hemisphere) 2013



RLI congratulates K.R. Ravindran of Colombo, Sri Lanka, who is the choice of the nominating committee for president of R.I. in 2015-16. If no challenge is filed by October 1, 2013, “Ravi” will become the official nominee. He is a member of the RLI Senior Leaders Advisory Board.



We mourn the passing of Past Rotary International Director William “Bill” Cadwallader of Homer, New York, USA. In the early days of RLI Bill was a faculty member in District 7170 and led many RLI course sessions. He was active in many roles of Rotary, particularly in valuable service projects in Latin America. We will miss his enthusiasm and dedication to all things Rotary. He leaves his wife, Jean, who has been an active partner with Bill in his many Rotary activities. Our condolences to Jean and their family.





RLI had more convention activities in Lisbon than ever before. The RLI exhibit booth was constantly busy with members and non-members stopping by to talk with RLI leaders. The Annual Report, the most comprehensive ever, edited by PDG Subhash Saraf of Pune, India, was distributed to many interested Rotarians. The small group meetings at the Tivoli Oriente Hotel were uniformly successful and attracted a number of new RLI members.


RLI Annual Breakfast

Wednesday morning of the Convention saw another successful RLI Convention Breakfast at the Lisbon Convention Center. We were honored by the participation of our featured speaker, Past R.I. President Jonathan Majiyagbe. Other speakers included R.I. Director (and now R.I. Vice-President) Anne Matthews of South Carolina, USA, R.I. Director Shekhar Mehta of India and R.I. Director Jacques di Costanzo of France. The Breakfast was chaired by RLI International Executive Director, Mike Rabasca.


Annual RLI Awards

The following awards were presented at the Breakfast:

Outstanding Achievement Awards (given annually to up to three persons):

    PDG Beryl Robinson of New Zealand-Beryl is the founding Chair of the New Zealand and Pacific Islands Division. She promptly recruited all the six districts in that country to join the division and has led a very active program. She is also a member of the RLI Intl. Internet Courses Committee.

    PDG Bevin Wall of North Carolina, USA - Bevin was Chair of the Zone 33 Division and now serves as its Executive Director. He has served effectively as the Secretary and Editor of the RLI Curriculum Committee.

    PDG Chris Offer of British Columbia, Canada - Chris has been instrumental in establishing RLI in Canada and parts of the United States. He was Chair of the Pacific Northwest Division. In addition to a number of other contributions to RLI, he is the Chair of the Intl. Internet Courses Committee. For R.I. he was Chair of the Membership Development and Retention Committee and held many other positions.

Surprise Distinguished Service Awards were presented to PDG Knut Johnsen and PDG Tamton Mustapha, both International RLI Vice-Chairs for their long and extensive service to RLI.


First RLI Convention Breakout Session Held on June 26.

95 Rotarians participated in the RLI Breakout Session, part of the R.I. Breakouts during Convention afternoons. The Breakout consisted solely of roundtable discussion groups that chose from a number of suggested topics. PDG Tam Mustapha, Chair of the session reported that discussions were lively and constructive. The groups consisted of both RLI members and non-members. The attendance was good, considering that Wednesday afternoon breakouts generally attract fewer Rotarians than Monday and Tuesday.



Just prior to the Convention and AT the Convention, the following new divisions were formed in Europe:

RLI Spain Division with all Spain Districts, 2201, 2202 and 2203. The organizer and Chair of the Division is DG Graciela Waen of 2203. Also signing the Agreement of Membership were 2201 DG Francisco Arcos Gabriel and 2202 DG Manuel Herreros de las Cuevas.

RLI German Division with initial District 1841 (part of Germany and one club in Austria). Chair of the Division is Harald Bos and the Governor is Uwe Ralf Bartl. It is expected that other German speaking districts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be joining the new division. This is consistent with RLI's approach to form some divisions of districts across country borders that use the same language. We thank R.I. Director Holger Knaack of Germany for his leadership in forming the division as well as PRIVP Serge Gouteyron, RLI Regional Vice-Chair for Western Europe and RID Jacques di Costanzo, Chair of the French Division.

Slovenia Division, District 1912. The Chair of the Division is Prof. Dr. Ludvik Toplak. The district covers the entire country of Slovenia in Eastern Europe and was formerly part of a larger district with part of Austria and Croatia (also an RLI member).

RLI also welcomes districts that have joined existing RLI Divisions:

District 1550 to the Netherlands Division. The then Governor, Carol J.L.R. Govers signed the Agreement and the current Governor is Jan J.L.M. Hol. The Division Chair is PDG Rein Scheper.

District 1450 to the Denmark Division. 2012-13 Governor Jette Lund signed the Agreement and the current Governor is Jens Pauli. The Division Chair is Nils Ove Jensen.

District 1650 to the French Division. The Governor signing the Agreement is Jacques Lemonnier. The Division Chair is RID Jacques di Costanzo.

District 5710 to the Rocky Mountain Division, USA. The District Governor is Gary W. Duggan and the new Division Chair is PDG Michael Forney. The district is located in Kansas, USA.

District 4845 (Argentina/Paraguay) to the Argentina & Uruguay, Central/South Division (division to be renamed). The Agreement was signed in May by then Governor Eduardo Monzon. The current Governor is Ann Marina Petrovic Neumann. The division chair is Juan Pedro Torroba.


NOTE: New RLI districts caused by mergers and splits ordered by the R.I. Board of Directors will be listed in the next eBulletin.

As of the date of this eBulletin, RLI now has 345 member districts that cover all or parts of 191 countries and geographical areas. The next major RLI expansion goal is to reach 400 member districts by the end of 2014.


Personnel Changes

Here are some end of the Rotary year personnel changes:

Ralph Mills-Tettey of Ghana has become Chair of the West Africa Division.

Kathryn Atkin is the Chair of the Atlantic/Atlantique Division, Canada.

Allan Davis is the Chair of the Pacific Northwest Division, Canada/USA.

Jorge Aufranc of Guatemala is the Chair of the Central America Division, District 4250.

Hrvoje Kenfelj is Chair of the Croatia Division.

Walid El Sherbiny is Chair of the Egypt Division.

Santiago Ancona Teigell is Chair of the Mexico Division.

Michael Forney is Chair of the Rocky Mountain Division, USA.

Miguel Angel Martinez Pereyra and Oscar Vergara are the Co-Chairs of the Buenos Aires, Argentina Division. The retiring Chair, R.I. Director Celia Giay has been named Honorary Chair



“Having leadership skills does not alone assure good Rotary leadership. An effective Rotary leader must ALSO have Rotary knowledge, perspective about where Rotary has been, where it is now and a vision of what Rotary can be.”