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End of Year - 2013
The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions throughout the world. It is not an official program of Rotary International and is not under its control. The RLI seeks to have Rotary Clubs in member districts identify those Rotarians who seem to have the POTENTIAL for future club leadership (not necessarily as club presidents) and provide those so identified with a quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills for voluntary organizations.


This time of the year had and has an unusual amount of holydays and holidays for many religions and cultures. We hope that all our RLI friends around the world are having a most enjoyable season and wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and beyond.


Message from a new RLI leader

RLI was a tremendous experience for me and I see RLI training as the solution to the continuing decline in membership numbers that is plaguing Rotary Districts worldwide.

Most interventions are structure oriented and are therefore doomed to fail or at the very least be in-effective. The RLI led intervention would be value-oriented and therefore would change the culture of Rotary and open the door for a new wave of younger Rotarians.

- Prof. Michael Kreindler, Chair RLI Executive Committee, Israel Division

Reflections from International RLI Chair, David Linett, PRID

Over the years, one makes observations about leadership, organizations, and many other things. Some of those change from experience and others become more firmly established in one's mind. Two things have been continually revealed: "dedicated leadership" is the key to achievement in most areas and personal contact is essential for organizational progress, especially in the age of technology.

The above may seem obvious and pretty basic, but the failure of leadership permeates our societies in so many ways - in business, in government, in non-profits, etc. But we in RLI have constantly seen that through effective education, leadership skills can be improved and even learned.

Welcome New Member Districts

RLI welcomes two new member districts that have joined existing divisions.

District 5020, part of British Columbia (Canada) and part of Washington State (USA) has joined the Pacific Northwest Division. The Agreement of Membership was signed by District Governor Peter V. Taylor of Tacoma, Washington. We thank Division Chair Allan Davis, RLI Regional Vice-Chair Monty Audenart and Past Division Chair, Chris Offer, for their important roles in encouraging the district to join RLI.

District 3661has joined the Korea Division effective, July 1. It is now part of District 3660's 157 clubs that have been split into two districts as of July 1. The Agreement of Membership was signed by Governor Elect Keun-Cheul, Lee and the Korea Division Chair, PRID Kwang Tae Kim. PDG Jungho Cho is the Division Vice-Chair, successfully working on RLI expansion in Korea. 3 more Korean districts have joined RLI and will be announced when the paperwork is received.

Lunsford Joins RLI Senior Leaders Advisory Board

R.I. Director Larry A. Lunsford of Kansas City Missouri, USA has joined the RLI Senior Leaders Advisory Board. Larry is serving a two year term on the Board during 2013-15.

RLI Breakfast at Sydney, Australia Ready to Go

On December 29, 2013, the signed contract for the Annual RLI Convention Breakfast on June 4, 2014 in Sydney, Australia was received by RLI Intl. Executive Director Michael Rabasca. We can therefore now announce that the Breakfast will be held at the Four Seasons Sydney, part of one of the world's most famous hotel chains. The ticket price has been set at US$32.00 per person. The principal speaker for this event will be Past R.I. President Richard D. King, said by many to be one of Rotary's finest speakers. Other speakers and program items will be announced at a later date.

The Breakfast flyer with registration information will soon be posted on the home page of the RLI web site at www.rotaryleadershipinstitute.org. We also thank PDG Cathy Roth, ANZO RLI Regional Vice-Chair for her assistance with planning the breakfast.

RLI Curriculum Committee to Meet on January 24-6

The thirty member RLI Curriculum Committee will meet in Orlando, Florida for a 2 and a half day meeting. The committee will review necessary changes to the curriculum to comply with the actions of the Council on Legislation, consider new graduate programs, begin work on Best Practices for faculty training and course logistics, review the Online Courses Report and begin a review of courses in preparation for the 2015-18 curriculum outlines, etc. PDG Douglas Maymon, Chair of the Sunshine Committee is Chair and PDG Bevin Wall is Secretary and Editor for the curriculum committee. Debbie Maymon is Registrar and Brenda Wendt is in charge of logistics. SUGGESTIONS for the committee should be sent to Dougmaymon@gmail.com and m.rabasca@comcast.net.

The Central America Division is Initiated at EL Salvador

Under the leadership of Chair Jorge Aufranc of Guatemala, the Central America Division got off to a great start at a faculty orientation session in El Salvador. Prior to the orientation session, an organizational meeting was conducted by Division Chair Jorge Aufranc and organized by El Salvador RLI Vice-Chair Jaime Fuente (each Central America country has an RLI Vice-Chair). The faculty orientation was conducted on November 22 by RLI Trainers, PDGs Salvador Rizzo and Santiago Ancona, both of the Mexico Division. They are Mexico Division past chair and current chair respectively. An active schedule of RLI events took place in El Salvador, now with 22 discussion leaders and are scheduled for Guatemala, Costa Rica and other parts of the region. We thank Division Chair Jorge Aufranc for his great efforts in initiating the division. We look forward to much activity in Central America under his leadership.

RLI Intl. Vice-Chair Tam Mustapha Leads Faculty Orientations in Four Korean Districts.

During a training visit to Korea, RLI Intl. Vice-Chair and faculty trainer, Tam Mustapha, conducted faculty orientations in several locations. The first was in District 3740 with 30 Rotarians participating, then in District 3730 with 24 Rotarians participating, then to Seoul with Districts 3631 and 3640 where 30 more Rotarians participated. The proceedings in Seoul were videotaped for future use in other areas of the Korea Division. Attending the Seoul sessions was Division Chair, PRID Kwang Tae Kim. The visit was coordinated by PDG Jungho Cho, Vice-Chair of the Korea Division. Future growth for RLI in Korea is anticipated with great division leadership.

RLI Initiated In District 3300 Malaysia

November 24-26, 2013 saw the initiation of RLI in District 3300. The event took place in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Both a faculty orientation and RLI courses took place under the leadership of PDG Hoe-Beng Fong, RLI Intl. Regional Vice-Chair for Southeast Asia. Other trainers from District 3310 (other parts of Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore) were DGE Andre Suharto, PP Dr. Ho Loon Shin, PP June Jonet, DGN Philip Choong and PP Iskandar. RLI was brought to 3300 by Governor Datuk Mohinder Singh and the district coordinator for the event was PP Dr. Siva Ananthan. Some comments from PP Esther Tan help to tell the story: "...It was amazing how proactive the whole program was. Every single one of the facilitators (discussion leaders) were fantastic, bringing out even those who normally hardly speak. As someone said, the attention that everyone paid to the sessions were amazing. No hand phones rang, and everyone was awake throughout. No one left the rooms for any reason."

We are grateful to PDG Hoe-Beng Fong who persevered for a number of years to bring 3300, an excellent Rotary district, into the RLI family. Most of the SE Asia districts are members of RLI, except for one Rotary country (hopefully coming soon).

Rotary Institute RLI Breakfasts Show Great Results

In recent years, many Rotary Institutes (previously known as Zone Institutes) have hosted RLI Breakfasts, Plenary speakers, discussion breakout sessions, etc. One of the most successful such Breakfasts took place at the Taiwan Rotary Institute in Taipei. Chaired by Taiwan RLI Division Chair, Dens Shao, the Breakfast attracted more than 200 Rotarians and guests from many countries. Speakers included R.I. President Ron Burton, RIPE Gary Huang and Regional Vice-Chair Hoe-Beng Fong. RIPE Gary explained how RLI came to Taiwan through the encouragement of PDG Hoe-Beng Fong. RIPE Gary was instrumental in initiating RLI in Taiwan, now one of our best RLI divisions with excellent leadership. Another leading RLI supporter is Trustee Jackson Hsieh of Taiwan.

Another Institute Breakfast took place at Canberra, Australia, convened by RI Director John Boag. 110 participants included Guest Speaker RI Director Bryn Styles and RIPE Gary Huang and Trustee Vice-Chair, PRIVP Michael McGovern. Chair of the event was PDG Cathy Roth (also Institute Chair), the RLI Regional Vice-Chair for the ANZO region.

Information on the Monaco Institute RLI Breakfast will be posted in a future issue.

Personnel Changes

RID Jacques di Costanzo of France has been appointed as an Assistant Regional Vice-Chair for Western and Central Europe. RID Jacques continues to Chair the successful French Division, now with 14 member districts. The RVC of the region is PRIVP Serge Gouteyron.

PDG Aaron Grisim is the new Chair of the Israel Division and Michael Kriendler is Chair of the Division Executive Committee

PDG Al Purwa has been appointed RLI Vice-Chair for District 3420 and DG Eva Kunaity has been appointed RLI Vice-Chair for District 3410 (both districts in Indonesia). Both new vice-chairs were highly recommended. PDG Rudy Balmater remains as RLI Chair for Indonesia. RLI courses will be held in February in Bandung.

Around the RLI world

The District 3810 RLI Bulletin continues to receive rave reviews. It is always well written and informative. District RLI Chair Edgardo Tumangan is the editor.

Parts I and II have been posted in Chinese and Italian on the RLI Materials web site. We thank Taiwan Division Chair Dens Shao and Italian Division Chair Vito Casarano for arranging for the translations.

The RLI Discussion Group on Rotary.org now has 111 members and some discussions have already started. We suggest that those RLI leaders and faculty members who have not yet joined do so to participate in constructive discussions that may benefit RLI and Rotary.

The Taiwan RLI Division chaired by PDG Dens Shao has already held courses for more than 700 Rotarians and expect to have that number rise to more than 1000 Rotarians shortly.


“Having leadership skills does not alone assure good Rotary leadership. An effective Rotary leader must ALSO have Rotary knowledge, perspective about where Rotary has been, where it is now and a vision of what Rotary can be.”