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September 2015
The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions throughout the world. It is not an official program of Rotary International and is not under its control. The RLI seeks to have Rotary Clubs in member districts identify those Rotarians who seem to have the POTENTIAL for future club leadership (not necessarily as club presidents) and provide those so identified with a quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills for voluntary organizations.
In Memoriam
We mourn the loss of Dianna Boag of Australia, wife of Past R.I. Director John Boag, who died on July 4, 2015. PRID John is Chair of the Australia Northern RLI Division.

Quote of the Month

Among the qualities that he believes make a great leader, Linked In CEO Jeff Weiner cites one not usually expressed: "They (great leaders) are brave." He said it is necessary to "have courage because if you have true vision and you want to try something that hasn't been done before, there's gonna be a lot of naysayers, there's gonna be a lot of skeptics, there's gonna be a lot of people who feel threatened and try to get in your way."

Odds and Ends About RLI

One aspect of RLI around the world that not been emphasized is how our voluntary grassroots organization has furthered friendships and contacts among Rotarians of the world. Through RLI events at Rotary Institutes, R.I Convention Breakfasts, etc., and by many other connections, many RLI activists have formed enduring bonds. Even within countries RLI furthers friendships in different districts and divisions. With RLI now in most parts of the world, such friendships are a real byproduct of RLI activity.


With District 9370 joining RLI, Africa is now the first 100% RLI Continent. That includes all Rotary districts in Africa in Zones 20A and 20B. A special Breakfast Meeting at the Zone 20A Institute later this month in Kenya will commemorate that milestone. More on that event in the October eBulletin.
ANZO (Australia, New Zealand, Oceania) is VERY close to 100%. The subcontinent of South Asia is also VERY close to 100%. The main effect of the 100% status is showing how RLI has grown over the years to serve Rotary Clubs through Divisions of Districts. As we begin a new Rotary year, there are 369 Member Districts that cover all or parts of 197 countries and geographical areas in every continent except Antarctica. Each of the districts have signed Agreements of Membership by their District Governors or DGEs.

Welcome New Member Districts

As noted above District 9370 has joined the Southern Africa Division. The District covers parts of the countries of Lesotho and South Africa.  District Governor Tom David McGhee signed the Agreement of Membership. The Division Chair if PDG Beth Thomas.
District 1560 has joined the Netherlands Division. The Agreement of Membership was signed by District Governor M.W.M. (Rinus) Lauret. The Chair of the Netherlands Division is PDG R.A.F. (Rein) Scheper, a past Rotary International Training Leader.
District 6060 has joined the Heart of America Division. The District Governor is Jill A. Baldwin Walker. The district is located in the US State of Missouri. The Chair of the Heart of America Division, that covers Zones 30 and 31, is PDG Wade Drinkard. It now has 20 member districts.
District 1461 has joined the Denmark Division. The Agreement of Membership was signed by 2014-15 Governor Leif Kenrad. The 2015-16 Governor is Max Ustrup. The Division Chair is PDG Nils Ove Jensen. The Denmark Division now has the membership of all Rotary districts in Denmark.
Because the previous Venezuela Division was inactive, a new Venezuela Division has been formed with District 4380. The Division Chair Chair/President is PDG Ruben J. Luna M. and the Governor of District 4380 when the Agreement was signed in June was Guillermo Soto Luzardo. The current Governor is Cesar Mosquera. We thank RLI Intl. Regional Chair Salvador Rizzo for his efforts to reestablish the Division.

Beginning later in September and continuing through the fall/spring months, there will be numerous RLI events at Rotary Institutes.  We will start reporting on them in our October eBulletin. At this time we do want to thank the Conveners of many Institutes for their cooperation and support for RLI activities.
Curriculum Materials Posted

As many RLI leaders already know, the Curriculum materials for 2015-18 have been posted in both PDF and WORD versions on the RLI materials website. As translations are received, they will also be posted. The outlines are structured to permit discussion leaders to deal with local conditions and customs. Any questions about the curriculum materials should be directed to RLI Intl. Vice-Chair Frank Wargo, frank.wargo@snet.net .
Some Personnel Changes for the New Rotary Year

Two RLI Intl. Regional Chairs have chosen to retire their positions after many years of dedicated service to RLI. We are grateful to PRIVP Serge Gouteyron and PDG Tunji Funsho for contributing so much to RLI.

PRIVP Serge Gouteyron of France will step down as Regional RLI Chair for Europe and will be replaced by PRID Jacques di Costanzo, also of France. A Regional Co-Chair will be PDG Alain van de Poel of Belgium.

PDG Tunji Funsho of Nigeria has ended his term on July 1 as RLI Regional Chair for Subsaharan Africa. Because Subsaharan Africa is so large, we have divided it into two regions for the purpose of appointing Regional Chairs. For central and part of Northern Africa, the new Regional Chair is PDG Geeta K. Manek of Kenya and the Regional Chair for Southern Africa is Elizabeth "Beth" Thomas of South Africa. RLI Regional Chairs serve as resources for their member Divisions.

R.I. Director Elect Jorge Aufranc of Guatemala stepped down as Chair of the RLI Central America Division on July 1 in order to assume his duties as a Director-Elect.  He has been succeeded by PDG Rodolfo Bianchi who had been serving as Vice-Chair of the Central America Division and also as a member of the RLI Intl. Curriculum Committee.

Around the RLI world

The Northeast America Division held its Annual Meeting at the end of August in Trumbull, Connecticut USA. The 26 district division is the oldest and largest in the RLI world. The event marked the conclusion of the term of Division Chair PDG Toni McAndrew who served with distinction for four years. She has been succeeded by PDG Ann S. Keim who will serve a three year term. 

The event attracted record attendance and included talks by Trustee Michael McGovern (a past Chair of the Division) who serves as Chair of the International Polio Plus Committee, and R.I. Director Julia Phelps. RLI Intl. Executive Director Michael Rabasca presented an International RLI report. 

Prior to the actual NEA meeting, 22 Rotarians participated in a faculty orientation program led by RLI International Vice-Chair for Training, PDG Frank Wargo.

The Sunshine Division held its annual meeting in Orlando with representation from ALL 14 districts. There are 34 RLI events scheduled for this Rotary year. Their goal for course attendance is 1600 plus registrants. 

The Sunshine Division also has a unique motto: "A Rotary educated member is Rotary's best customer.'

As previously reported, the Sunshine Division has scheduled courses during a Cruise in the Caribbean in December. Registration has been strong, but those who have not registered and are interested should contact Division Chair Randy Rawiszer at rotarytailor@aol.com.

The Online Courses Pilot Program Committee has started some pilots in August. More details will appear next month.

Join the RLI Discussion Group on Rotary.org

The RLI Discussion Group on the rotary.org website continues to grow and add many discussions. As of the writing of this eBulletin, there were 473 members of the group and is continually growing. To join the group and participate in discussions use rotary.org/myrotary and then discussion groups. The name of our group is rotaryleadershipinstitute/rli. 



“Having leadership skills does not alone assure good Rotary leadership. An effective Rotary leader must ALSO have Rotary knowledge, perspective about where Rotary has been, where it is now and a vision of what Rotary can be.”